terms of participation

User agreement 

This Agreement describes the rights and obligations of the Private Enterprise “Kyiv Photography School” (hereinafter – “the Company”), which serves the Internet-site www.goldencamera.net and all its materials (hereinafter — “the Web-site”), as well as the rights and obligations of the natural person (hereinafter – “the User”), who passes registration at the Web-site. This Agreement is a public offer of the Company. The user’s registration on the Web-site confirms his consent to this Agreement. 

Copyright to photo materials 

The rights to the User’s photographs on the Web-site shall be reserved for the author of such photographs. The User may post on the Web-site only those photographs, for which he can confirm his right of display and publication. The User shall permit the Company to demonstrate the photo materials posted by him on the Web-site as well as in other public resources, advertising the Web-site. At the same time the Company shall refer to the photographs’ User or right holder specified by him. 

Personal data of user 

User ought to fill his registration form with real personal data. When user breaks this rule, administration has an entitlement for deny in Award issue, delete or block out the account of such user without notification.

The Company shall protect the personal data of User, indicated during registration on the Web-site. The Company shall not disclose the User’s personal data to the third persons without his personal consent thereto. 

User of the web-site confirms that he: 

  • Noted real data in the profile of participant while registrating Is personally liable for the content and legal belonging of the information and photographs, posted by him on the Web-site. 
  • Is aware of the fact that the Web-site can contain the materials, focused only on the adult Users. 
  • Is obliged to use the Web-site in accordance with the applicable legislation of Ukraine and shall not post the pornographic materials as well as the materials demonstrating (except the photo reportages about the events, in which they are present as an integral part thereof) drugs, violence, cruelty, terrorism, ethnic dissension, the materials, humiliating human dignity and religious feelings. Other materials, which are prohibited by the applicable legislation of Ukraine. 
  • Understands that the Web-site can conceal the photo materials, not stipulated for the under age visitors of the Web-site, from the general review. 
  • Will abstain from posting the photo materials of low artistic and technical quality on the Web-site. 
  • Becomes familiar and agrees to the terms and conditions of the Agreement. 

The company shall reserve the right: 

  • To change and modify the Web-site as it thinks fit. 
  • To make alterations in this Agreement without notification and receipt of consent from the User. 
  • To change or delete the User’s texts and photo materials on the Web-site, if they do not meet the rules of Agreement or are injurious to the Company and the third persons. 
  • To close the User’s account on the Web-site or delete his registration information in case of his violation of the obligations hereunder. The Company shall unilaterally determine which User’s activities are an explicit breach of the terms and conditions of Agreement. 
  • To request the information, confirming copyright to the photo materials, from the User of the Web-site and to block the User’s account in case of refusal to present such information within two days. 
  • To use the text and photo materials of open access posted by the User on the Web-site in advertising and dissemination of information about the Web-site. 

The company shall not be responsible for: 

  • Content of the User’s text and photo materials on the Web-site, for the User’s violation of the legislation of Ukraine, for violation of the third persons’ copyright, for illegal publication of somebody else's or prohibited by the law materials on the Web-site. 
  • For loss of the information or infliction of other damages to the User and third persons, which arise during use of the Web-site.
  • For storage of the User’s authorization data on the Web-site. For absence of Internet connection for the User and other reasons, being independent of the Company and preventing the User from entering the Web-site.