Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Level of skill in the photo contest

Who is included to the category «professional photographer»?

The professional categories include the authors, for whom photography is one of the sources of income as well as those, who refer themselves to the category of professionals.

Who is included to the category «amateur»?

On no condition the amateur shall mean a low qualification. This notion is rather a derivative of the word “love”. The amateur category includes such authors, for whom photography is in a greater or lesser degree passion than the source of income.

Upload of photographs  

Is there any limit on the works I can upload?

Yes, the uploaded works for the photo contest are limited. One person can submit maximum six works.

What size shall have digital photographs?

The works shall be saved in JPG format, 150 dpi, the colour model RGB. Maximum dimensions of uploaded works shall not exceed 1600 pixels for length and 900 pixels for height. Maximum size of one work shall not exceed 2 MB.

It should be kept in mind that in case of win you will have to send such work in maximum quality for the further printing of catalogue and gallery exposition.

Is it necessary to create title and description of the work?

It is not necessary to fill in the field “title of work”. You should do as you think fit. Choosing the title, try to avoid complex structures. We think that good photography is always self-sufficient so it does not need any title. We recommend you to use title only if it is really necessary and meaning of the work fully changes without it.

What is understood as series?

The series shall mean a few works (from 2 up to 5 photographs), united by the common topic or concept. At the same time it is important to keep in mind that series will be assessed in total, but not as each work individually.

Is series considered to be one work?

No. One participant can submit completely 6 works. Externally these 6 photos would be submit in the series or every single apart.

How many photographs can I upload to one and the same series?

There can be uploaded minimum two and maximum six works to one series. During upload of the series of work, please make sure that photographs, submitted by you, compose an integrated whole and complement each other in terms of content and artistic concept.

Can I upload one work to several genres?

No, you can not. One work can be uploaded only to one genre.

How will I know that submission of my works to the web-site of photo award is completed?

The uploaded and paid works shall be automatically submitted for competing for the award after completion of acceptance of works. In the personal account you can edit or change your works. After the date, specified as the last day of acceptance of works, the uploaded and paid works will be automatically sent for the jury’s assessment.

What shall I do if my photographs are uploaded incorrectly?

You can always delete the uploaded works as well as change the attributes of uploaded works in the chapter “My Works” of your personal account.

Can I submit digital photographs on other media for the photo competition?

No, you can not. For the competition there are accepted the works, uploaded directly on the web-site of Photo award.

Can I submit digital photographs for the competition other than via Internet?

No, you can not. The works shall be submitted only via the official web-site of photo award.

Are there any restrictions on limitation period of the works uploaded for the competition?

For participation in the photo contest there are accepted only such works, which have been created or published for the first time in 2014. Published for the first time shall mean that the photograph submitted for the competition might have been taken earlier than 2014, but due to the various reasons it could not be demonstrated to the public, i.e. it was not published either online (including social networks) or in the printed media before the date of participation in the competition. 

Can I upload the work, which I have already submitted to other photo contests?

You can upload the works, which have been presented already. But the works, which won any other Ukrainian or international photo competitions, will have fewer chances to win the Award.

Can I make alterations after submitting the works for the photo contest?

You can always change the uploaded works and their attributes (category, title, description) in the chapter “My Works” of your personal account before the date when acceptance of works ends. In order to change a «genre» of a photography we advise you to delete and upload the item as a new one.


Which assessment criteria are applied to the works?

To asses the works, the Award’s jury follows their personal criteria, obtained as result of the long-term experience of work in their fields. We do not set any strict limits for the judges because we trust their professional instinct.

General questions

Do I have to pay for my participation in the photo contest?

Yes. Entry Fee is $10 this year.   

How will be used my photographs?

The organizer shall reserve the right to use photographs of winners for the further advancement of Photo Award both in printed and electronic mass media. The works of finalists will be published in the Award’s catalogue as well as printed in large format for gallery expositions.

Is it allowed processing the works in the image correction programs?

Certainly, it is allowed processing within the acceptable optimization of image. The acceptable processing shall mean: framing, change of contrast and chromaticity, cleanout of undesirable spots and dust.


How will I know that I have won the award?

All pretenders to win will be notified by e-mail letter. The winners of award will be chosen among the finalists of competition and announced at the awarding ceremony.

Where will be held the awarding ceremony?

The awarding ceremony will be held in Kyiv, Ukraine. You will be notified of the place and time of ceremony beforehand. Read the News on our site as well.

If you could not find answer to your question, please do not hesitate to write us a letter at