April 3, 2015
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Final exhibition of works will available in the gallery of Kyiv Photography School

Photography has never been a primary need of a human being. But its value can't be overestimated if you think of it as powerful tool in a nation's cultural genome cultivation. Photography stops the wars, saves people from femine and definitely inspires a man for creative development and harmonic co-existence with the world. Understanding this value, Kyiv Photography School didn't give up working on its important international photo-project “Golden Camera” despite tough economic and political period for Ukraine.

In 2014 prize fund of the contest made $10 000 and more than 1500 photographers from 42 countries of the world were competing for it. The project became a unique space for ukrainians to meet international photographic experience, a key to understanding both neighbouring and overseas countries through the lens of photocamera.

Final exhibition of works will available for viewers from 31st of March up to 30th of April in the gallery of Kyiv Photography School and will combine 75 works of photographers from Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, China, USA, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Croatia, Estonia and Russia.

There's no entrance fee for exhibition. We are open: 10:00–19:00 Mon-Fri. Address of the photoschool: Kyiv, 30, Velyka Vasylkivska, office 4 (Lva Tolstogo subway station)

The awarding ceremony of “Golden Camera 2014” took place in Taras Shevchenko National Museum on the 27th of March 2015. Here we'd like to bring to your attention the names and the photos of the winners.

The landscape by Ivan Tyhyi from Kyiv won in “People's choice” nomination.

Alexander Tchorniy with his “Romantic” photo has become the prize winner of the national nomination “Discovery of the Year”. Nomination was invented as a support for young ukrainian photographers.

“Spirit of freedom” nomination has found its winner in Belarus. Alexander Vasyukovich and his documentary seria of photos from january events on Kyiv Maydan won FujiFilm camera X-T1.

One more “photo-oscar” was given to Sergey Serdyukov from Kiev. His photo “Pending” (archtecture) was considered the best in amateur category and named “Photography of the year”.

The most honorable award – “Photography of the year” in professional category organizers entrusted to the ukrainian photojournalist Vladyslav Musienko for his documentary seria about revolution of dignity “Maydan. Strong people”.

Jury team of the contest was made of well-known photographers, cameramen, artists, fine art experts and gallery curators: Amy Wolff, Cyntia Held, Dawn Whitmore, Hugh Merrell, Kiran Koshy, Lusy Bell, Alexander Lyapin, Andrew Zharovskiy, Anthony Solomuha, Bohdan Verzhbitskiy, Vadim Doctorov, Victor Lyagushkin, Yevgeniy Zubenko, Yevgeniy Komarov, Igor Krivonos, Igor Gaiday, Konstantin Sova, Roman Pyatkovka, Dmitriy Shovkoplyas.

Alexander Lyapin, honorable jury member, journalist, fine art expert and curator said: «In developed countries photography is being supported by government as a branch of culture. Because “the country that saves on education, will be bankrupted on jails”. One can't still have any hope for a governmental help in our country. At the same time, photography requires lots of energy investments, it needs to be stimulated. So far, only we, photographers, are busy with that. That's why I am happy that this award is still viable and popular project.

With regard to winners, in journalistic genre it was the prize-winning work of Vladyslav Musienko that I liked the most. The photographer managed to shoot the confrontation so deeply, brightly and globally, to shoot photo as an icon, which will become later the symbol of those meaningful events».

Igor Gaidai, jury member, founder of “Camera” gallery: «Every day millions of photos are being produced and thousands of photographers are emerging all over the world. This makes professionals increase their quality level. I think that is the reason why this year photos of the contest became even more interesting and expressive»

Konstantin Sova, jury member, photographer, founder of Kyiv Photography School: «The Awarding ceremony became a worthy closure of the international photocontest “Golden Camera”. The dignity of the occasion was dramatized by the romantic energy of an up-to-date space in Taras Shevchenko museum. We had lots of guests at the event. People were delighted to have another opportunity to plunge themselves in modern photography. We made this event together. I think, it's only the beginning for photogrpahy in Ukraine.»